Hemp Flower Bud

Our Bottonieres

Inside our farm Botany Farm produce many varieties of hemp dioecious, all femminilizzate and selected in phenotypes with the intent to maintain constant the percentages of THC and increase the beneficial effects of other cannabinoids non-psychoactive. Our hemp, originates from certified seed and is cultivated in a natural way by following stringent quality processes. The best flowers are collected, dried and trimmati by hand to ensure the highest quality of the product. Botany Farm owns the intellectual property of the famous brand “Sativage”.

CBD Inflorescence Hemp Products for this line are:

Hemp Flower Bud Sativage from 5 gr
Hemp flower bud elected bell from 5 gr
Hemp Flower Bud Future 75 from 5 gr

Is a product with great aromatic qualities, with high percentages of CBD and CBG, maintaining a percentage of THC inferior to the average of the plants included in the list of the seed authorised for cultivation industrial. CBD Inflorescence Hemp Legal

The flowers of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.), are cultivated in Italy with organic farming methods and without the use of pesticides or chemical additives.

Are collected and selected by hand in order to ensure that the consumer inflorescences of high quality with the right concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids.

The flowers are produced with a variety of industrial hemp certified, with concentration of THC less than 0,2 % and for which to 100% legal as devoid of psychoactive effects, in fact can also be used by the person who performs tasks that require concentration and attention.

Maintain the same way all the cannabinoids present of the phytocomplex, especially the CBD or cannabidiol which is an important metabolite with proven muscle relaxant effects, antipsychotics, tranquilizers, antiepileptics, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

As imposed by the regulations, before being packaged, the inflorescences are subjected to a rigid control by an authorized laboratory in order to be able to measure the actual level of main cannabinoids (data reported in the label) and the total absence of molds, pathogens and bacteria.

For technical use.