Terpenes CBD Crystals

Terpenes Solution

To increase the level of physical and mental well-being we have a specific line is composed of five different terpene solutions essential to stay and feel well. To develop them we started from the study of raw materials of our production, analysing their synergistic mechanisms between the various components and their benefits on the organism.

Terpenes Solution

Level of terpene solution

Terpene Solution Level 1

Terpene Solution Level 2

Terpene Solution Level 3

Terpene Solution Level 4

Terpene Solution Level 5

Our practical package from 10 ml allows a precise dosage thanks to the dropper device related.

The terpene is a component from hemp psychoactive not paired to the cannabinoids. Has a beneficial effect on the organism. This Full Spectrum is suitable for people who suffer from stress and anxiety and makes use of sleeping pills, antidepressants and more.