Natural Aromas

The Rediscovery of the true Italian Flavour

Today a lot of alimony lost his original and genuine flavour.For this reason BotexPharma decided to created a line of products focussed for the food sector, to recreate the true and genuine flavour to the new generations, in all of his shades. A rich range of aromas 100% natural, extracted from prime materials of the finest quality and of our own production, chosen carefully from our expert agronomists.We don’t know if chemicals aromas are dangerous for our wealth, but we are sure ours are not.

Natural Aromas BotexPharma Our easy to use drop-down bottles of 10ml with eyedropper to never waste anything of the product.

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Natural Fruit and Vegetables

Natural Fruit and Vegetables

When we decided to produce 100% natural flavors for electronic cigarettes, we had a very clear idea in our minds. Produce aromas only our raw materials, which would produce beneficial effects on the organism. Giving the assurance that the SVAPO are not but hurt the body but produce beneficial effects, it was a difficult task, but we succeeded. Our R & D has been working hard for many months before being able to produce what was our hope and make that happen.
Create natural flavorings to 100% is pure art.
Create aroma chemicals it is for those who can not do better.