The synergy

from production to extraction



Botany Farm lives in the heart of the Sabine mountains, protected by woods and fallow land, with the aim of protecting our harvests from air pollution hazard and beyond.
Botany Farm It was born in the now that’s right where we realized that, in agriculture, the AIR pollution, indiscriminate use of chemical additives, pesticides and herbicides, made the barren land and crops highly polluted.
Constants analysis made on much of the country, showed us the enormous amount of toxic residues absorbed from crops, jeopardizing the health of the consumer.
With Botany Farm, we could create a complete chain. We do everything we know to come and do so. The organic production of all our commodities, has allowed us to improve the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of crops, increasing the quality of our natural flavors and consequently, the human being.
Every single product, is a sequel to every phase. First of all, commitment, professionalism and dedication, seed selection, planting, harvesting, drying, and finally transformation of the raw material in natural flavors for food containers and liquids for electronic cigarettes. We call it the “white fly” because in a world of flavors to 100% chemical, we demonstrate, for the health of the consumer, you can much, much more fare.
Our customers come to know and appreciate us for this work